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Lindsay Lohan ‘s MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,” will not be back for a second season, Page Six has exclusively learned — and it seems the star’s Mykonos nightclub, which serves as the setting for the show, is also closed. VICTORIA, at Victorias square in Athens, live Greek popular music (Laika). This district is filled with night clubs and music stages. Recently a new trend in the nightlife of Athens has emerged. Athens bars are a buzz all year round. La Villa Vice is located in Psyri area, a multistage space with bar and restaurant , it organizes several events every day like live music, DJ parties, fashion shows etc 13 Mykonou and Aesopou street Psyrri.

A gangland killing occurred an hour after midnight on Thursday, in the area of Alimos, Athens The victim of the crime was the owner of a on Syngrou Avenue. You will feel lightweight and happy when you visit this nightclub. THE DANCE CLUB” is the first and only dance community in Greece that counts 28,000 active members and 23,000 students in just 6 years of operation.

Disco Boom Boom is one of the oldest discos in Athens located at Tzitzifies in Thisseos and Poseidonos street. Bouzoukia (from the popular fold musical instrument bouzouki) or skyladika (meaning the dog houses) is a very important aspect of Greek subculture and extremely popular among Greeks. Live music in those places and in Athens generally you will find mostly Fridays and Saturdays.

If you want to stay downtown but still go clubbing, Gkazi area is famous for its night venues (Metro Station: Kerameikos). In addition, the more this page is used, the more we will promote Lohan Nightclub to other Inspirock users. Cafe Boheme at 36 Omirou Street in Kolonaki is a bistro-style restaurant (maybe the best in Athens) with a great little bar, interesting patrons and a DJ with terrific taste in music.

With more than 3000000 people in the Athens basin, Greece’s capital has a very active night life. Latin culture is very similar to the Greek one, with people being known across the world for their love for dance and passionate personalities. His rendition of the old song Pino kai Metho(I drink and Get Drunk) is the national anthem of Psiri or anyone who lives life for the enjoyment of it. If you are looking for authentic, quality Greek music this is the guy.

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