Review Of Lohan Nightclub, Athens, Greece

Most gay bars in Athens are located in Gazi, near Kerameikos Station. In the Hora of cosmopolitan Mykonos, you’ll stroll along the whitewashed cobblestones and come across countless famous bars and clubs frequented by well-heeled Athenians, stylish Europeans and celebrities. The famous Greek stars singers will be found at the big bouzoukia-nightclubs. With an industrial baroque aesthetic, top of the line sound and lighting systems, and the best DJ and live acts, combined with a unique approach to partying, Lohan Nightclub is redefining nightlife one party at a time.

The latest addition to Gazi gay nightlife. The Greek way to go out begins with a coffee in one of the many cozy cafes in the town, while choosing among the incredible quantity of bars that play all kinds of music: live music, disco, jazz, international and Greek pop, traditional Greek music, heavy metal, house music or hip-hop. This hidden all day bar with its vintage theme is located close to the popular night spots of Kolokotroni Street and has been a hit with the locals from the day it opened.

File Under: Something Different, Bars, Vegetarian Friendly. Their bigscreen TVs show sports from all over the world including NFL Football, Major League Baseball and NBA Basketball as well as Cricket, European Football and whatever else happens to be on. Some nights they have live music. Bouzoukia does not totally monopolize Athens nightlife.

The biggest chapter of nightlife consists of the mega-music stages where the most popular voices in Greece perform their hits. There are many clubs around the square of Gkazi, with mainly mainstream music, but there are a few options for the fans of rock and metal music, like Intrepid Fox, Rainbow Metal Club and 45 Moires.

Drinks: Serious about beer, with more than 20 on draft and even more canned (gose, witbier, many IPAs), plus regular beer dinners and tastings. The bar has its own scene and hosts the occasional late-night dance party. Rockwood which is right next to the National Archaeological Museum has live music on Wednesdays and some weekends, American food and lots of different beers.

File Under: Bars and Clubs. File Under: American, Vegetarian Friendly, Bars. Dance at bars on organised beaches; enjoy shots on the house and cocktails mixed and poured from dusk till dawn. Drinks: Hot and cold sake, saketinis, wine, mostly domestic beer but a few Japanese brews. It is the center of nightlife in Athens that is always filled with hipsters and social butterflies.

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