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Davy jones liveaboard

Our stunning 30m wooden schooner is completely designed for indonesia liveaboard dive adventures and will take you to a few of indonesia’s prime diving locations the characters that make up the group – and spirit – of calico jack charters are an eclectic mix, hailing from australia, the uk, france and indonesia. Day four & 5 today pindito heads eastwards in the direction of ‘wayl batan’, slightly island with lovely reefs full of life with a topographically interesting panorama. As the world’s largest archipelago, indonesia holds 4 occasions more ocean than land and stretches from indian ocean paradises to the pacific’s bursting biodiversity hotspots.

Diving indonesian liveaboards is really an unforgettable expertise that gives difficult dives for intermediate and experts and likewise straightforward diving for novices. The density and variety of life; coral, fish, and plants is unimaginable. Your entire day is devoted to scuba diving until we are steaming to a brand new dive website or have a shore expedition planned.

We’ve dived in indonesia earlier than and usually the corals are the most effective we’ve got ever seen. I only dove in raja ampat on this trip. In the pantar strait between alor and pantar pilot-whales and dolphins are widespread as they go between the islands during their seasonal migration to the pacific ocean. The primary day of diving is normally spent at satonda island before heading out to the gili isles after which on in direction of komodo.

Take the plunge in far-flung wakatobi’s exclusive, vibrantly healthy reefs and tropical paradise islands. Mastro aldo is a european owner-operated Ilike liveaboard offering three night and 6 evening scuba diving tours in komodo. The variety of marine species increases as you progress eastwards, taking in gili banta you could encounter a lot of reef sharks, rays and turtles swimming amongst the mass of reef fish.

Komodo island and nationwide park reserve offers just about each kind of tropical diving imaginable – from calm and vibrant shallow reefs alive with a whole lot of colourful reef fishes and full of invertebrates, to present-swept deep water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tuna and other massive fish. Welcome to tiaré, an expensive yet traditional indonesian phinisi that can take you on a journey of discovery to among the most stunning diving spots on the planet.